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Outstanding Riding Lessons

Learn Horseback Riding Like a Champion

No matter your riding experience, Merrymount Farms has a variety of riding lessons for the novice or an experienced rider. Our students range from beginners to advanced show riders. Classes are available 7 days a week. During the summer, classes are available in the mornings or evenings.
Whatever form of horsemanship you’re interested in, our goal is to instill the values of honesty, fairness, respect, and sportsmanship in our students. Our riding ring has jumps, and we teach both English and Western riding. 

We also have a western program designed to teach Western Pleasure and Equitation. We offer 24/7 emergency services. We provide FREE parking at our location.

Field Boarding

Your horse’s condition will be checked every day. Blankets are straightened and water and feed buckets are cleaned as necessary. There is an automatic water feed in the paddock for the horses, so they never go thirsty. Our priority is to provide the best possible practices to the horses.
On cold winter nights, our horses receive a hot beet pulp that helps to keep their digestive system operating properly and keeps moisture in their gut. Every field has a run-in shed for the horses to rest.
Horse Riding

Dress Code Needed for Horse Riding Lessons

  • Long pants
  • Shoes with a flat sole and a heel
  • A Hard Hat
  • Beginner riders can use a bicycle helmet until riding helmet is purchased
Call us for FREE consultations before you sign-up for riding lessons.
Gerri is willing to offer you horseback riding lessons till you develop your capabilities to ride a horse. Some students learn fast, others take time to progress to the next level.
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